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       Focus on the bottleneck of development and seek breakthrough in the restriction of factors. On the basis of sorting out the land resources, we should make rational use of the existing land resources, introduce high-quality business forms according to the characteristics of the location and planning of the plot, form industrial effects, and maximize the functions of the plot; actively promote the negotiation and signing of a number of projects such as Jinke, jinshanyun, and linkage u valley. In accordance with the measures for promoting the economic development of buildings in guanshanhu District, combined with the building planning and building of characteristic buildings, high-quality industries are introduced to gradually form a building economic development pattern with reasonable layout, rich carriers, high-end formats and distinctive characteristics. Through the introduction of high-quality partners, a number of experience oriented commercial projects with outstanding characteristics and excellent quality will be brought to settle in; a number of medium and high-end bars and catering projects will be introduced to settle down, so as to promote the economic development at night.    

          People's cities are built by people, and people's cities are for people. How to label "pretty"? We must put the people first, pay more attention to appearance and quality of life, and truly realize our aspiration for a better life. Specific to the city's urban construction, it is to adhere to the goal of creating a "refined city, quality jiaozuo", find the point of force and tipping point, constantly improve the level of the city, and further enhance the attractiveness, bearing capacity and competitiveness. To "beautiful" as the standard to lift the appearance level, to the urban construction as the focus. We should always adhere to the "park city" concept, the whole jiaozuo as a comprehensive scenic area to plan, construction, management; We will speed up the development of ten key infrastructure projects, vigorously promote the joint development of the "four cities" and "two cities", constantly improve the appearance and temperament of our cities, and resolutely win the title of "civilized city" in China. We will accelerate the pace of urban renewal by reducing the number of urban areas by two and by three, and by vacating the cage to replace birds.

      Zhang Zhuang's Art Troupe was founded in the 1960s, when it was called the propaganda team for sand control in Zhangzhuang village. At that time, Zhangzhuang village was covered with sand dunes, the land was barren, and the sandstorm was rampant. It was in Zhangzhuang village that Jiao Yulu created the sand control experience of turning silt and sand and planting paulownia trees on a large scale. Finally, he dedicated his precious life to the people of Lankao. Jiao Yulu is an example of the Secretary of the county Party committee and the example of all Party members and cadres. When the general secretary came to Yan Chunguang's home, Yan Chunguang had just experienced a setback and a blow. Six years ago, Yan Chunguang gave up working outside and went back to the village because his grandmother was old and his children were young and needed to be taken care of. He borrowed tens of thousands of yuan from relatives and friends to learn how to raise chickens. As a result, he suffered from bird flu and suffered heavy losses. There are more than 5 million square meters commercial buildings in guanshanhu district. However, due to the long construction time span and different construction standards, the quality of business buildings is different. "Guanshanhu District encourages the construction of high-standard buildings. For buildings that have been completed and have been in normal use for more than three years, developers or operators can get corresponding rewards if they carry out hardware facilities and business supporting facilities transformation," Huang said. &In addition, in order to vigorously develop the advantageous characteristic industries focusing on modern service industry, guanshanhu district has decided to build characteristic demonstration buildings. According to the deployment, on the one hand, we will focus on building with industrial characteristics by taking architectural design, human resources, conferences and exhibitions as pilot projects; on the other hand, we will highlight the economic contribution of buildings, and gradually cultivate "buildings with tax revenue of 100 million yuan and buildings of 10 million Yuan";.  True, in the Internet age, fans mean value. For the official account, it is not only eager to increase the volume of traffic, but also to attract consumers to achieve accurate advertising. However, the price increase should be done in a proper way. The implicit consumption rule of & Times & times; & rdquo; if you don't pay attention to it, it is not only unreasonable, but also suspected of breaking the law. No ground for blame is introduced in the context of Internet consumption becoming a major trend. However, the &ldquo can not be tied to the official account. The additional clause &rdquo. The key to promoting the official account of a business is to rely on products and services to enable consumers to get practical information and benefit from them and naturally become fans. In daily consumption, using official account to order meals and payment can become a choice, but it can not be the only choice. 

       At present and in the future, China's development is still in the period of strategic opportunities, but opportunities and challenges have new development and changes. From the domestic perspective, we are in the historical convergence period of achieving the "two centenary" goals. Development has many advantages and conditions. At the same time, the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development is still prominent, and the task of promoting high-quality development is still arduous. Novel coronavirus pneumonia and China are facing a great change in the world. The global governance system is undergoing profound changes. The emerging market countries and developing countries are rising in a group. The international power contrast is increasing and global challenges are increasing. The new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is rising. The trend of unilateralism, protectionism and anti globalization is rising. It has caused serious impact on the world economy. The international environment facing China's development is becoming more and more complex, and the instability and uncertainty are obviously enhanced. In order to better cope with the new changes and challenges of the domestic and international development environment, we must accelerate the formation of a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other, consolidate the foundation of economic development, stimulate development vitality, and enhance the ability of China's economic development to resist external risks.      

       To carry out the & quot; may Xinzhai city appearance and environment renovation & quot; to carry out & quot; to carry out & quot; to carry out & quot; to carry out & quot; to carry out & quot; to carry out & quot; to carry out & quot; environmental renovation activities; to carry out & quot; environmental renovation activities; to carry out & quot; environmental renovation activities; to carry out & quot; environmental renovation activities; to carry out & quot; to carry out & quot; environmental renovation activities; to carry out & quot; to carry out & quot; environmental renovation; Aiwei is a civilized practitioner in the new era. It is necessary to carry out the rectification and cleaning of small advertisements in the city, do a good job in the city appearance and environmental sanitation with the spirit of "Iron Army", strengthen the inspection and rectification in the fields of city appearance and environmental sanitation, residue transportation management, and mobile vendors, so as to improve the service efficiency of urban management team and optimize the urban environment. Up to now, more than 1600 pieces of three bags in front of the renovation gate have been cleared, 2500 illegal parking notices have been pasted on sidewalk vehicles. More than 240 psoriasis spots in the back streets of the city have been removed, 55 mobile vendors have been advised to leave, 364 road occupying operations have been cleared, 14 zombie vehicles have been cleared, 25 stray cattle and 15 stray dogs have been arrested, and illegal land occupation outside the planning area has been demolished and cleared according to law 68 buildings, a total of 27600 meters along Jiegu Avenue, 18300 meters along Hongwei Road, 15000 meters along Minzhu Road, and more than 300 small advertisements in the urban area; From the perspective of social repercussions, the excellent dramas, including the above-mentioned works, either contribute to social topics, or shape the popularity of word-of-mouth, causing public concern and discussion at different levels. It is worth noting that compared with the market performance in the same period in recent years, the number of phenomenal online dramas has increased dramatically in the first half of this year. As a social currency, online dramas are showing more and more extensive influence. Under the influence of the high-quality strategy, the online TV series and the TV series are blooming two times, each showing a branch. Today's network audio-visual industry has become an important position for people to watch and pursue drama. The circle effect of network audio-visual is bound to usher in different paths different from the development of TV industry. The content format iteration oriented to vertical and subdivided audience groups also creates more sufficient possibilities for boosting the industrialization level of online drama. The emphasis on diversified type development, together with the emergence of structural transformation and upgrading of the industry. The book "dawn of civilization" compiled by Zuo Tangquan is divided into three volumes, namely, the Grand View of bronzes, the art of bronzes and the bronzes of Hanzhong. This paper discusses the shape and use of bronzes, the art of casting, ornamentation, inscription, weapons, food, wine, water, musical instruments, miscellaneous utensils. It has a wide field of vision, clear levels and appropriate details. It is of great significance to discuss the bronze wares of Hanzhong city against the background of human civilization. Zuo Tangquan also talked about the bronze wares in Hanzhong. From the perspective of the shape of the implements, weapons were far more than ritual ones, reflecting that Hanzhong was in a state of war more than in peacetime. According to the annals of Huayang state, "when King Wu conquered Zhou, Shu also followed suit." at that time, Hanzhong belonged to the category of Bashu, and warriors should take part in the battle of pastoral areas. This is also the best explanation for the fact that weapons are far more than ritual weapons. It is understood that the National Fitness Day; During the period, under the condition of strictly implementing the epidemic prevention and control measures, all localities innovated the organization form of the activities and insisted on the combination of small-scale, online and offline. The people in Baiyun District can participate in the video selection of square dance for the elderly and fitness Yangko video for the elderly on the network platform, so that it is possible for the masses to participate in the interaction without leaving the house, and the residents can also feel it; The atmosphere of National Fitness Day. The theme activities of "National Fitness Day" and "my home fitness story" were held simultaneously.

      In addition to formulating practical and operational investment promotion measures, guanshanhu district also focuses on talent introduction. This year, the district has implemented the service specialist system for major projects. According to the mode that one service specialist is responsible for a recruitment project, the service specialist will follow up the whole process of project negotiation, implementation, start-up, construction and production, and carry out the "nanny style" service to ensure the early landing, early commencement, early construction and early production of the project. At present, there are 27 on-the-job specialists in the whole district, including 19 direct service project specialists and 8 comprehensive management personnel. Focus on industrial clusters and make breakthroughs in the improvement of industrial quality. The zone will focus on enterprises with high technology content, strong driving ability and great radiation effect, aim at leading enterprises, headquarters economy and first store economy, fully tap business opportunities, introduce more large-scale and high-quality projects to settle down. Meanwhile, it will conduct in-depth discussions with COFCO group, Singapore pengruili group, Jingdong group and Shenzhen Nanshan Group to promote the implementation of projects. According to the development goals of leading industries in the whole region, we will carry out precise investment promotion for automobile, finance, ecological food, big data, new infrastructure, tea and other industrial chains, and continue to strengthen the chain, extend the chain, and expand the chain. Focus on the introduction of enterprise parts manufacturing, after market services and other upstream and downstream industries; aim at financial enterprises such as Standard Chartered Bank, Bohai bank, Huachuang securities, etc.; focus on brand commerce and trade industries such as joy city and Yuexing global port, and promote the quality and upgrading of century Jinyuan Shopping Center, yunshang ark, Wanda Plaza and IKEA.  In the breeding area, ye Jianlong also raised more than 20 rabbits, 40 chickens, 10 sheep and 3 cattle, realizing the separation of breeding area, planting area and residential area. "I can sell more than 10 rabbits this year. Each one can sell more than 100 yuan and more than 40 chickens. Each chicken can be sold for 130 yuan. I can earn about 3000 yuan by breeding alone." In recent years, ye Jianlong has done a good job in the Sanmiao project. His neighbors have followed him to learn how to grow vegetables and fruits. He will also give patient guidance. Wuman wuhashayi is a neighbor of Ye Jianlong. He usually lives in animal husbandry and doesn't often go home. Recently, I stayed at home, Ensuring housing safety is an important part of "two no worries and Three Guarantees". The article "on building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way" points out that, compared with the requirements of "two no worries and Three Guarantees", four aspects of problems are more prominent, one of which is "some poor people still live in dangerous houses". Special purchases for the Spring Festival in January 26th afternoon, Xi Jinping risked more than 30 degrees below zero, came to Guo Yongcai's house, to explore cellars, touch the wall, see the new year's goods, sit on the Kang head, and understand the life of one family. Since 2014, Aershan city has invested 4 billion yuan in total, collecting more than 10000 houses in shantytowns and raising 2700 resettlement houses. "I used to live in a bungalow, burning fire, collecting firewood and pouring ash, and my nose was black. Now I live in a building with a gas stove and water heater, and I don't have to go to a public bathhouse any more." Said Feng Xiuhua, Guo Yongcai's wife. When you come to banyan village, 50 Town, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County, Haidong City, Qinghai Province, you can see the light. "The village has moved to the side of the road, so it's convenient to enter the city!" Lu yourong, 80, was smiling. It is difficult to travel, to eat, to go to school, to see a doctor, to marry a daughter-in-law These "difficulties" have long troubled 129 villagers in banyan village. In 2016, the fifth and sixth groups of laobanyan village were included in the relocation plan for poverty alleviation. "When the general secretary came, the main project of the relocation house in banyan village had been basically completed, and the supporting facilities were under construction." Su Jiangning recalled, "the general secretary is very concerned about the quality of the relocated house, the infrastructure of the new village and the life of the villagers after the relocation. He looked and inquired carefully. He thought it thoughtful."

       One lake connects three provinces, and the lake is among the ten thousand peaks. Wanfeng Lake is located at the junction of Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi, with a water area of more than 200000 mu. In recent years, Xingyi City, Qianxinan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, has promoted the ecological management of Wanfeng Lake by increasing the adjustment of industrial structure in coastal towns and developing green ecological breeding in Lake area, so as to promote the coordinated development of fishery industry, water resources in reservoir area and coastal ecological environment. In 2018, Guizhou Wanfeng Lake Runfeng Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was established in Xingyi City. The ecological breeding mode of blocking fixed water area and human releasing and natural breeding was adopted to release silver carp, bighead carp, grass carp and other fish species to achieve the goal of "cultivating fish with water and purifying water with fish".  The Ninth Plenary Session of the 10th municipal Party committee made a comprehensive deployment on the high-quality development of Guiyang Gui'an, and stressed that it was necessary to adhere to the great breakthrough of attracting investment to promote the development of Guiyang Gui'an. Guanshanhu district will take this opportunity to increase investment attraction, make full use of land, plant and other resources, innovate investment promotion mode, and plan for long-term development. Business negotiation & amp; face-to-face & nbsp; change & amp; line connection & nbsp; and project signing & amp; face-to-face & amp; change & amp; screen to screen & nbsp; for project signing;. In order to comprehensively promote the epidemic prevention and control and the "two front" campaign of attracting investment, at the beginning of this year, guanshanhu district took an active part and took the initiative to seize time and make up losses for enterprises returning to work and production. It also made full use of network channels to actively carry out investment promotion liaison and project docking. On March 12, guanshanhu district held an online signing ceremony for key investment projects in 2020. Four projects were signed online, covering modern manufacturing, big data, agriculture and headquarters economy. 

       There are 1189 people in 360 households in xiaerketas village. In recent years, the "two committees" of the village seriously planned to develop the industry, and reasonably determined the alfalfa industry projects recognized by the masses and with good development effect in combination with the actual situation and Prospect of the village. 2437 mu of alfalfa land in the village was contracted to large growers at the price of 120 yuan per mu. Through land transfer, the rural land use efficiency was improved, the scale was formed, and the people's livelihood was promoted Construction. Dawuleti juandek, Secretary of the village branch and director of the village committee, said: "the collective income of our village is more than 400000 yuan a year. We have built 30 kilometers of pastoral roads in bat and Talat ditch. The original roads are not good and motorcycles can't get on. In 2017, the income invested in the village's collective economy began to build roads. Now the transportation is more convenient, and the people are very satisfied. " On August 10, the municipal government held a discussion with Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd., and the two sides exchanged views on deepening cooperation in the financial field. Guo Dajin, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, and Chen Gongyan, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd., attended the forum. China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd. is a leading comprehensive financial service provider in China's securities industry. With its unique history, brand and shareholder advantages, the company has the broadest business outlets and leading customer base in the industry, as well as comprehensive business strength, providing comprehensive financial services such as think tank consulting, wealth management, investment and financing, international business and other comprehensive financial services for the government, enterprises, institutions and individuals.  "Since we settled in the village, we have effectively promoted the transformation of living environment by building good villages, good roads, good orchards, good forest belts, good courtyards and good environment." Han Jianping, the first Secretary of the Policy Research Office of the Party committee of the autonomous region in the village, said that the "two committees" and the working team of the village have organically combined poverty alleviation and beautiful rural construction, planting flowers and trees, beautifying and greening the village, and made great efforts in the appearance of the village. This year, eight departments and bureaus of our region jointly issued the "autonomous region farmland shelterbelt construction and village greening and beautification plan", focusing on the construction of farmland forest network and village greening, deeply promoted the land greening. In the first half of the year, 1104 villages carried out greening and beautification construction, and the "four sides" greening area of villages reached 82000 mu.